Sound Post-Production

Our sound post studio is available for any kind of sound project. In its more than 15 years it has seen everything from dubbing an Internet ad to mixing a feature in multichannel surround. Small and big band recordings, dubbing, ADR, Foley and FX recording and premixing are all possible. Our mixers and sound editors have over 25 years of experience.

Your choice of Neumann, Sennheiser, AKG or Audio-Technica mics, an analog or a digital console, several outboard unit, and a choice of multichannel HDD and tape recorders are available. For ADR and Foley the artist can watch a 50" TC-equipped monitor, while the engineers and director are looking at an 8-feet wide projected image.

For music recordings the studio is perfectly sound-proofed, and the echo is carefully set. Small bands or singers can be recorded in the post studio, while bigger bands can book our sister company's 200 sq. meter music room with an SSL 4048 console, or a scoring hall frequently used by a local music band. Several HDD recorders including ProTools is available.

Post studio mixing room Post studio recording room Foley recording Post studio recreational area