Complete video kits

We keep full, equipped kits together for the most usual applications. They are equipped for 2-8 cameras, HDD and tape backup recorders, operator's monitors and directors cart, cables, matrix, printer, hard disks, connectors, adapters and every small thing one might need on set. Choosing these will save you a lot of prep time, and a lot of hassles later.

NEW!! We are pleased to introduce our newest addition, a smaller, lighter video kit. This kit is ideal for most average film crew, able to record 2 cameras on HDD, and 2 on tape - meaning most of the time the tape recorders act as backup and archive for the hard drives, but can act as main recorders for multi camera shoots. Included are two operators monitors (4 in total as the tape recorders have their own monitors), 8 in 12 out video mixer, computer logging and control software, intercom, all cabled and boxed up in a rugged, splash-proof case complete with rain cover and hoods.
Also included - or can be hired separately - is a lightweight small footprint aluminum cart with shock absorbers to protect the equipment, UPS to help bridge power blackouts and protect the electronics and a few adjustable shelves for other stuff.

An average VA kit consists of:

  • one HDD video recorder per camera
  • one backup tape recorder per camera
  • one monitor per camera
  • one video matrix
  • a number of wireless transmitter-receiver kits complete with stands and antennas
  • sound speaker
  • one or two clamshell recorder for crashboxes, reviews, etc., complete with batteries and charger
  • one video cart

Optionally, its very common to get these optional accessories:

  • video printer
  • controller for the HDD recorders
  • video mixer
  • video editor
  • high-gain antennas
  • portable DVD player
  • extra batteries, chargers
  • director's intercom