Wireless video

Digital Microwave System

A new digital wireless microwave system using coded orthogonal frequency-divided multiplex with Fast Furier Transformation - and essentially transmitting on over a hundred or thousand different frequencies instead of one. When a given amount of the packets arrive, the picture is formed. Hence this wireless, maybe the best one we have ever seen, is very robust against terrain, other transmitters or reflections. In the real world this translates to an almost perfect picture in a 600 yard radius around transmitter - far more than the average film set needs. Even long Steadicam runs can be covered with the receiver sitting on the video cart with no long antenna cables. With the external high-gain antennas, the range can grow significally.

Canatrans transmitters Canatrans transmitters Canatrans transmitters Canatrans on a D-20

Canatrans UHF transmitter

The best UHF system today. Settable over a wide range of frequencies, it has variable output power to overcome multipath problems. Runs of 12-24V. Displays the camera battery voltage. Can transmit to our 50", 42", 17" and 8" monitors with tuners. PAL compatible.

DX400 receivers in dual case No image No image No image

DX400 diversity receiver

Maybe the best UHF receiver. Has 4 antenna inputs, so multipath problems are almost nonexistent, and long steadicam runs can be covered. Sharkfin and dipole antennas included. Receives audio and video. PAL compatible.

Marell wireless kit Marell transmitter Marell receiver Marell kit in a case

Marell microwave transmitter system

1.394GHz transmitter and receiver, very easy to set up and use. Works in free-use spectrum. The optional two switchable frequency channels helps to keep the system free of interference of other microwave equipment.. Does not interfere with LCS and camera remotes like other microwave systems. PAL and NTSC compatible. Transmitter comes with IS power and video cables, IVS cable for power and video on a single line, and 2 dipole rubber antennas. Receiver comes with two flat-plane gain antennas, power cables for 12V batteries and PSUs, external antenna cables and extra connectors. System comes in a sturdy pelican case.

Marell high gain antenna Azimuth beam pattern of high-gain antenna Elevation beam pattern of high-gain antenna Technical detail

Optional high-gain antenna for Marell microwave receiver

A 12dB high gain panel antenna helps eliminate signal drops. Can improve signal quality in most situations. With a receiveing angle over 80 degrees, even long dollies or steadicam shots can be covered. Comes with a 2-meter cable and tripod mount. Optional tripod is available on request.

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Low-cost diversity receiver

A four antenna receiver applicable for non-mission-critical applications, like feeding video to off-set monitors. Can use the same antennas as the DX400, and can receive any commercial UHF video transmitter. Great for feeding monitors for make-up, pupetters or sfx. Receives audio and video. PAL compatible.

The 5.8GHZ grid antenna No image No image No image

5,8GHz microwave system

Usable for large distance point-to-point transmission where line of sight is provided. The receiving grid antenna provides 22dBi of gain, which is enough for thousands of yards in a clear weather. Transmitter has small dipole antenna for ease of use. While it is not suitable for moving camera situations (e.g. helicopter or steadicam), its great for transmission between buildings or locations. Transmits audio and video. PAL compatible.