System design

Our engineers are able to design complex video and audio systems, such as multi-camera video studios or sound recording venues. If you need a simple playback system, or even a multi-room recording studio with editing and live playout capabilities, we can design, order, and build it for you. We have experience in setting up workflows, keeping ergonomics, work areas, communication and coontent creation in mind. We can upgrade existing systems, design mechanical, electronical and informatic systems and interconnections.

We can design a complete TV studio, including cameras, lighting, CCUs, sound, news sections, even intercoms, phone systems, house automation and IP systems. Computer servers, be it media or web, can be installed. From the woodwork to electric design, from the ordering to set-up, we can cover all of your needs.We can participate in government tenders, and have good connections with lighting and electrical companies.

As for smaller systems, or even a single trolley, we can work out the mechanical and electronic interconnections, build custom remote controls or displays, place equipment in dustproof but ventillated cases. Don't hesitate to contact us with any question.

Drawing of complete TV studio Model of designed sound room Wiring layout of 8-cam recording Model of designed sound room Post studio recreational area