Video for VFX

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Video switcher/mixer

4-channel 2-row video mixer with all the features. This small thing can do mix&match, wipe, blue and green key, invert, and around a hundred other things. The lightweight unit comes with four TBCs so there is no need to run separate genlock cables around to all cameras (most broadcast mixers, like the DFS-500, has no such function!). Comes in its own case, or mounted together with a Final Cut Pro for the ultimate flexibility -see below! PAL only.

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Portable FCP rig for VFX

The ultimate weapon in VFX video applications, the FCP editing program can mix up to 3 layers without rendering, and unlimited with renderer. Multiple keyers and blends are all possible on every layer. Importing is very easy on USB stick, DVD disk, portable HDD or even thru email and wifi. For real-time key it needs the external mixer.

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Complete VFX rig: FCP+mixer

Combining the good feature from both units, this rig comes in a complete case, with the mixer mounted on a sliding drawer under the FCP. You can do live mixes and pull a key while shooting, the copy it into the FCP and do a controlled, precise effect.PAL only.