Editing & on-site

We offer full editing services in the Budapest film center, the place of the old Mafilm studios. Our editing rooms are equipped with Avid Media Composer, Avid Xpress and Final Cut Pro editors, able to accept a variety of formats. Play-in decks of every format are either available locally, or can be rented when needed. The rooms are comfortable to work in, with sofas, several monitors and sound-proofed walls. Our editors, with tens of years of experience, are available when you need it. Assistant editors for nightwork or digitising can be called up.

Portable rigs are available, even without a VA kit, to do on-site editing when your Director requests it. This way you can be sure that every cut will be perfect, without glitches or awkward angles. The on-site editor is fed from the video taps, and with minimal guidance from the director, a rough cut can be assembled even while the crew light up the next setup. This way, missing shots or mistakes are quick to find. Our VA rigs can contain simple on-site editing equipment, and even th VA person can operate it.