Satellite feed recording

Satellite feeds are very common these days, with broadcast material being transferred between cities or continents. While technically almost identical to your home satellite, downlink stations need much bigger dishes, specialised heads, high-quality block demultiplexers or integrated receivers. With IPTV and teleconferencing over satellite, the downlink stations become even more important.

Our satellite downlink station is equipped with a 180 cm Andrews fixed offset dish and a 150 cm Gibertini motorized dish. LNBs are narrow band SMW and/or wideband units with SMW low-noise amps when needed.. Our Tandberg receivers are able to decode MPEG2 4:2:2 feeds for the best broadcast quality. Decryption of several formats is possible, including RAS2 system, which is widely used by uplink stations. Our fixed antenna is usually trained on an uplink satellite, like 10.0E, 8.0E, or 12.5W, and can be repositioned on the client's needs, while our motorized dish is able to reach any European satellite in a minute. Recordings can be made in several formats, including Beta SP and DV. Our satellite services are available on demand basis or a long-term series of recordings.