Other tools

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Color video printer

This printer takes a component input from any source, and prints it out to a special thermal paper. Useful for continuity and warderobe. Thermal paper and ink toner needed.

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Video switcher

The 12x8 video matrix has audio and video switching capabilities. There is hardly a video cart without one of these. Allow seamless cross-connection of equipment, giving the operator a capability to change setups in second. No more time spent behind the cart patching cables! Can be remotely controlled over RS232 from a PC. PAL and NTSC compatible.

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PAL-NTSC standards converter with built-in TBC

Converts between PAL and NTSC both ways. Can set hue and brightness/contrast. Compatible with 0 IRE and 7.5 IRE standards. Built in TBC solves interlacing problems and makes wirelesses more stable. Runs on 12V.

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Mini PAL-NTSC standards converter

Small 12V battery powered standards converter.

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Portable DVD player

Plays any Region 2 DVD Video disc. Has built-in screen and speaker. Runs on batteries. Ideal to watch back dailies or rough cuts from Editorial.

Sony portable DVD recorder Sony portable DVD recorder in a case Sony portable DVD recorder Sony portable DVD recorder

Sony portable DVD recorder

Portable dvd burner creates video dvd disks from live video in, CF/SD/MS memory cards, or even USB 2.0 from a computer. It can come handy when someone needs a take taken home, or needs an universally playable copy.

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Video Processor - amplifier

Processes the image, changin brightness, chroma, or luminance. Great for adding extra video gain when the tap on camera is maxed out, like Moviecams. The built-in amp drives four outputs enabling the unit to act as a splitter. Runs on 12V DC.

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Director's intercom

Wired intercom connection between VA cart and Director's cart. A must for big productions where video rig is parked outside the set. Wired with standard XLR cable, it has a loudspeaker on both sides, and its usable to play back recorded sound too.

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Batteries and chargers

12V 24Ah block batteries in weatherproof cases, 12V 9Ah shoulder batteries, 7.4V 3.2Ah Li-ion batteries for various uses.

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Video trolleys, stands and magic arms, cable drums

Other accessories needed for video assist operators. 50 and 100 meter cable drums for HD and SD signals; C-stands and speaker stands for monitors; magic arms and super clamps to mount antennas and mini-monitors; trolleys, carts and other accessories for every need.