Editing, on-site

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Portable Final Cut Pro

To form one of the most portable edit rigs, a Final Cut Pro was installed on a powerful Macbook Pro Core 2 laptop. As an input device, a bus-powered Canopus ADVC can be added, if needed. With or without the ADVC, the whole rig can sit on your lap for editing on set or on a meeting. Video and monitor outputs are available, so you can interface with our HD 50" screen or 14" CRT monitor for your audience's pleasure.

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Desktop Avid Xpress, Media Composer and Final Cut Pro

While not as portable as our laptop rig, we are able to supply Avid Xpress, FCP or Avid MC on a desktop configuration, We have installed editing rooms on the Rna street MAFILM Filmstudios.

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Editing controller for Digideck recorders

While not a real editor, the laptop-based remote for Digideck controllers can do playlist-style editing, along with a lots of other features (these include slo-mo playback and an extensive logging feature, a must for long production)