Location sound recording

Location sound recordist is available with or without kit. We have over 30 years of experience on the field, including every type of work from feature and documentaries to music scoring, live sound recording, or even talking heads and run-and-gun situations. Our location sound recordist can work with your crew or independently, like foley and ambience recordings. Boom operator and sound utility person is also available.

We can offer you full sound service, from location recording to post production and mixing, with or without gear. You can also choose to rent only the equipment from us - though we know most sound engineers prefer to have their own kit - for every sound need, and just fly your people in to do the job. Sound cart design and build-up is also available.

For location music recording, we can offer you a full kit with Neumann and Sennheiser mics, full-scale digital mixing console, tape and/or hard disk-based multichannel recorders, and all the necessary gear. For studio sound scoring, we can offer you smaller or bigger sound rooms, including a small studio with 32 channel of analog or digital console, a medium-sized scoring studio with SSL 4048 analog console, or a scoring hall with a portable sound rig. Recorders from 2 channel TC portable DAT to multichannel DTRS, HDD or ProTools rig are available.