The beginning

The company running this website and business was founded in 1993 by Gabor Rozgonyi sound engineer and Julia Kende editor. Named R-Provideo Inc. from the Rozgonyi family name and Professional and Video words, the company was founded to own and operate the sound post studio located north Buda. Later came a partial ownership in a dual-room editing suite, located in the Mafilm venue. Location sound recording services were also part of the package since the beginning. Several Hungarian, German, Turkish and other feature films were edited, dubbed, mixed and posted in the R-Provideo rooms, including some award-winning pieces.


The new millennia saw the reformation of the film business, particularly in Hungary. R-Provideo Inc. looked for new, unexploited areas and started its Internet based services in 2003. A professional satellite feed receiving system was installed with ability to receive encrypted digital 4:2:2 video signals, and in 2005, projects with recording and dubbing weekly satellite feeds were started. Internet content enjoyed a much higher percentage in the sound studio’s projects, and translation services were also provided.

Video Assist

In 2005 Balazs Rozgonyi began working as video assist operator. With the needs for English-speaking technically minded operators raising high, he is employed as VA since then. When spotting the vacuum of video equipment rental in Hungary, R-Provideo formed its VA rental wing, spending more than $100K in the first month on new equipment in the spring of 2007. Its first main project was Universal’s Hellboy II, a multi-million A category feature stretching for over 6 months in and around Budapest. Since started, the video assist leg is the strongest of the company.

The Future

With several shooting stage complexes just opened and several foreign movies planned, video assist and rental services will hopefully remain a strong and prospering part of the company. With dire need for good VA operators, we plan to train up young and technically competent people whose professional and language skills will help directors and crews alike on location. Meanwhile, satellite and IP systems are becoming larger, and we hope to keep that area growing, too…