Welcome to our new web site. This place was called to live to give information to production companies, producers, video operators, and anybody interested in Video Assist services and rental in Hungary.

We are the only rental house in the country that offers video assist as the main service - not as a byproduct of a camera rental. We specialize in video recorders, monitors, clamshells and all you'll ever need as part of a video kit. Our packages are built on design based on production and workflow needs, not on rental. We know all about dusty location, instant playback, rough terrain, flat-floor studio sets, monitor calibration, last-minute previz, play-all-the-prints, mix&match, and so on.

While this site is mainly about video assist, we show you some of the services done by our mother company, R-Provideo. They own sound studios, editing rooms, even a satellite feed downlink station. They can fulfill most of your post-production needs in and around Budapest, or anywhere you might be.

Please select from the menu on the left. We hope you'll enjoy the journey.


As there have bee a few steals of the pictures on this site, I have to point it out here -
all pictures on this site are copyrighted!
most of them were made by me, being a hobby photographer. For some of them, I hired a pro photographer, and obviously there are the odd production shots.


15/04/2009: Site uploaded with a few new pics and equipment details. I'm thinking of a blog as they are so fashionable now, but I'm afraid writing something once a year hardly constitutes as a blog. Still...

20/02/2009: Season of the Witch finished. Our crew was not part of this job - it was an equipment-only function. They have been in unbelievable dirt and mud. Still, our transmitters did a great job, so did our other stuff, but no we have a lot of cables to wash..

11/01/2008: Robin Hood 3 was finished, took us 6 months. 3 years for the complete series. Videoassist.hu is proud to have worked for three years on this job. It was quite fun. Nice to meet you all!

10/20/2008: Season of the Witch is our new project. We bought several new monitors, 20" and 14" Sony LCDs, stands, cables, intercoms, etc. Our biggest and newest are two new digital transmitters, with a shiny new coded producing unbelievable results. Within the range of the low-power tx (around 600 yards) nothing can stop the signal coming thru. Its such a treat.

30/01/2008: Hungarian Film Awards started: see ya all there!

20/02/2008: Robin Hood 3 starts soon. Panasonic HDs again. We have our crew and some equipment (mostly wireless stuff) working there. This is the third year of the series, all shot with us participating

10/03/2008: Site is up now.

30/01/2008: New design uploaded; beta version running
12/05/2007: First files of www.videoassist web site uploaded, test drive started
11/23/2007: www.videoassist.hu crew finished the movie: Hellboy II